Professional Investigators Associations

GT Investigations is proud to be a member of the following organizations.

The Washington Association of Legal Investigators

The Washington Association of Legal Investigators is a non-profit organization formed in May of 1997 by a group of Washington State Investigators. The main goal and purpose of the association is to provide an educational forum for investigators throughout the State that improves the skills and the level of professionalism of those in the industry. The association also provides an opportunity for networking and a news source for information related to investigations as well as performing other functions related to promoting the good of the industry and deemed valuable and desirable by its members. WALI hosts monthly educational meetings from September through May. WALI also promotes a variety of PI conferences throughout the year.

California Association of Licensed Investigators

The California Association of Licensed Investigators is the largest private investigator association in the world and growing every day. CALI is proud to have welcomed over 400 new members since July 2004. When you join CALI, you join the very best. Our goals are to advance the investigation and security professions. Association goals are met through educational programs and through aggressively advocating the needs of our profession in the government and state legislature.

Private Investigators Association of Idaho

PIAI serves Idaho's public with free private investigator referrals and private investigator certification. Their investigators and agencies are held to high standards of accountability, ensuring that referrals from their association are both qualified and professional. They also provide testing for the Certified Private Investigator certification for independent private investigators, detectives, and investigating agencies.

The National Association Of Legal Investigators

The National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) was formed in 1967 with its primary focus to conduct investigations related to litigation. Membership in NALI is open to all professional legal investigators who are actively engaged in negligence investigations for the plaintiff and/or criminal defense, and who are employed by investigative firms, law firms or public defender agencies. An applicant must have a minimum of 24 months of documented full-time employment in this endeavor. Membership in NALI currently exceeds 650 professional legal investigators located throughout the United States and in several other countries. The common bond of these legal investigators is the arena of litigation and the ability to work with attorneys to prepare a case for trial.

Investigators Anywhere

ION serves those needing investigative services and Local Professional Private Investigators by helping them find each other. ION's Corporate Mission is "IMPROVING INVESTIGATION". Many claims people, attorneys and savvy private investigators who first used ION's Investigators Anywhere referral service in the early 90's still call ION when they need investigative help. ION Membership provides benefits to investigators but is not required.